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20 Awesome recycled crafts with Mod-hodgepodge

If you like to do with what you have on hand to craft projects, then you’ll love this roundup of 20 Mod hodgepodge of recycled crafts. Good Low-budget ideas! earth day is on us! And you know what that means – time for some great recycled arts and crafts. One of the biggest categories on this blog is the recycled crafts category – that leads me to believe that all of you love them!recycled craftsOne of my favorite recycled art on this blog is the DIY-Desk-organizer that I roll with cereal boxes and paper towel. Since then, I’ve done some more tinkering with materials, the other would find it as a waste! I’m kind of obsessed.The nice thing is that typically recycled crafts fall into the budget category, and with a little Mod smorgasbord on hand, sometimes they are even free of charge.

So dig through your trash/recycling bins and then hit the craft stash to see what you have. Then decoupaging. Here are 20 great ideas.recycled Craft projectsPuzzle-piece magnets It happens to the best of us – we lose puzzle pieces. Don’t throw away the rest, because you can just turn them into magnets.See how it was made, to Inspiring creationssoup-in memory you can Turn an old pop holder in the soup memory can papers with your favorite scrapbook.foam tray It’s nothing easier than decoupaging punched paper old foam trays, in order to turn them into useful decor/storage.you can Find the step-by-step-Creative Jewish momPop Can key chain Lindsay turned to her favorite beverage can into a keychain with Dimensional Magic.See how it's a Crafty lady,Recycling memory A Frappuccino-box and the old containers a facelift with scrapbook get paper and Mod-smorgasbord.Learn how to it yourself, Under the Plane treeteabag clipboard If you are a coffee lover like me, you are simply saving the bags, and then decorate the clipboard in this patchwork style.Learn more about the project here at Mod the hodgepodge of rockmagazine court This is one of my favorite Recycling projects of all time. To create Johnnie old magazines and Mod-smorgasbord, the a reasonable court.See how you managed to Saved by love creationsDIY Onesies you will love this no sew DIY onesies. Courtney turned her old boy's wardrobe into clothing for your newborn baby girl with fabric Mod smorgasbord – so simplehow they were made here at Mod the hodgepodge of rockgrocery bag holder This solution to the storage of shopping bags of awesome – is Amanda made it from an old wipe container.Learn how it was made in the mid-West mothers ' Cereal Box notepads Don’t you throw away your cereal boxes! You turn in the covers for the brand-new notepads.Find out how you can do it on Infarrantly CreativeMint-doses Out of old Altoid tins in convenient storage with washi tape and Mod-smorgasbord.get the instructions at Craft Test Dummiesmid-century magnets With some old bottle caps, can magnets make this mid-century clock. Jessica provides the graphics.find A tutorial on How About OrangeCraft glasses Make old pickle jars into craft storage space with fabric and scrapbook embellishments.See how it hodgepodge of rockmagazine of art Use old magazines and a circle cutter, this interesting wall art.Learn how to do it, in the Semi-DIYpencil Cup I never know what to do with those old phone books – this pencil holder idea is awesome!find the instructions at Chica and JoBandana purse I can’t believe this cute little summer purse has been made from a cereal box, bandana, and Mod-smorgasbord.get the instructions in plaiddresser This small chest of drawers is also smaller than you think. It’s made of old matchboxes!get the instructions in plaidCD-coasters you can Use to create old CDs and your favorite papers, these unique coasters.get the instructions at crafts By AmandaCookie-doses I used Mod smorgasbord and turn the fabric to the old holiday tins into useful storage.get the how-to here at Mod the hodgepodge of rockDIY Desk Organizer Old cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls to create a unique DIY Desk organizer! This craft organizer is perfect when you are on a budget.Learn how to it hodgepodge of rocks
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