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15 value Decoupage Valentine' Love;s Day Crafts

Looking for EASY valentine crafts? Here are 15 Valentine’s Day crafts, you’ll love, with Mod-hodgepodge. Gifts and decorations are included in the scope of delivery. Scroll down to get to the bottom of the post, a bonus video with a Valentine’s day shadowbox frame tutorial!
love you Mod smorgasbord? And you do love, Valentine’s Day crafts? Of course you – the’s why you’re here! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your love for everyone and everything, including decoupage.
I’m all about Mod Podging homemade gifts for your loved ones . . . or for home decor for the 14. If you decorate for Valentine’s day, you’re love this collection of sweet decoupage Valentine’s Day crafts.
The Mod-hodgepodge formula?
formulas for these projects, and will work well. Because of this thinking, but holiday projects, I encourage always people to, outside of the box!
If it’s me, I’m going to a certain Extreme Glitter or Mega Glitter in some of these projects. I think the gold glitter looks especially great with the red. Many of these projects also use Dimensional Magic, which is another favorite of mine. These formulas give your craft a little something extra on the day-to-day. Just something to consider!
Are you ready to see the easy craft ideas?? There are all kinds of cute ideas in this roundup, ranging from gift tags to frames-wall-art! You could even sell these as arts and crafts. Scroll down to see 15 awesome Mod smorgasbord of valentine crafts!!!
Decoupage Valentine’s Day Crafts
1. Faux Cookie-gift-Tag
I can believe it’t that this cookie-gift day’s real – it looks good enough to eat! These cute valentine crafts with salt dough and Dimensional Magic.
2. Embroidery Hoop wall art
These valentine decorations are SO easy! Use fabric and Mod to create patchwork wall art with embroidery hoops. Hang anywhere you like.
3. Galentine’s Gold heart Charms
This is for the ladies! You have to show your besties how much you love and appreciate her with these gold-heart-charm for Galentine’s day. If you want to, you could, sweetheart change for her as well.
4. Bottle Cap, Pin,
Use a wooden-heart, bottle cap, and Dimensional Magic to make a pretty pin. Don’t display only, Valentine’s Day crafts – wear it!
5. XOXO Valentine’s Day Sign up
This XOXO sign is the perfect addition to your holiday decor! This is one of those valentine crafts, of can tell be adjusted with the Valentine’s day, or symbols of your choice. It’s SO simple, and requires only a few simple supplies.
6. Valentine Candy Jar
you can Use Mod smorgasbord with the coloring, this sweet candy glasses. Wrap them up with Duck Tape and give them to neighbors, teachers or colleagues.
7. Valentine suitcase
Amie from this fun love notes suitcase with an old cereal box! This is cute for the kids – with love notes in them for the whole week in the run-up to Valentine’s day.
8. Wood letters
These wooden letters are one of my favorite Valentine’s Day crafts! They are perfect for a holiday mantel.
9. Candy boxes
Beautify candy boxes for your loved one with a Mod collection and Extreme Shine. I love how the glitter is in this!
10. IKAT-frame
All you need is a sheet of paper and a 1 $frame, these cute Valentine’s Day craft! It’s perfect for a gift, and you can add glitter, heart ornaments, if you like.
11. Love touch display
you can make valentine crafts with 2 x 4s! You can use wood, scrap metal, paper and Mod-hodgepodge, this sweet love-notes-reminder for your family.
12. Love Rocks
Valentine’s day crafts from natural materials can. These sweet rocks to send a nice message to the recipient – or would look great in a vase/mantle decor.
13. Tic-Tac-Toe game
you Can rotate, valentine craft in games or Vice versa? Absolutely! That’s what I did, with this tic tac toe game! You’ll see what I am inside in the post . . . and save it after you use it, just the game pieces inside.
14. Valentine's day-Box with Glitter
Laura made this pretty decorative box, with Sparkle Mod smorgasbord – and you can enjoy it day of the past and Valentine’ keep out of the way;s.
15. Geometric heart cushion
love Mod patchwork photo transfer medium? You can with this tutorial, you will add a heart graphic on a pillow! And guess what . . . You will receive a free geometric heart printable in the blog post.
What are your favorite valentine's crafts? Let me know in the comments! I would also like to check out a bonus project – a DIY shadowbox frame for Valentine’s Day – in the video below. Simply press “play”:

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