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15 Comic Book Crafts Using Mod Smorgasbord

Comic books remind me of growing up in a house of brothers! If you like them, check out these 15 comic book crafts, you’ll love.

There is something great about comic books. I know don’t, if you grew up in a household of brothers, but I didn – four of them. I know don’t even if my brothers still have this old, but they were everywhere! See comic books gives me a few good memories.
noticed that I’m not the only one who loves comic books, especially decoupaging with comic books. Some of the most visited projects on this site are the comic book craft! When I realized that I had to put together a collection of the best decoupaged comic book crafts I could find, and here it is.
you’re going to scroll, to love – simply scroll down to see them all!
15 Mod smorgasbord of Comic book craft

Simple letters
Comic book letters make a great shelf or wall display. This post is a video to show you how.
Learn more on Geek Chic

you can do a makeover like this, with each wood chair – check out your local thrift store.
Learn how to do it with Just a Little creativity

Decorate a regular drug store compact with scrapbook paper with a comic book theme.
Find out how here at Mod conglomeration of rocks

Glittered Starburst
If they are used as comic-book-crafting with glitter, this fun star, for wall art or as a unique gift topper.
Learn to Make how to do it

canvas art
Turn comic books into d├ęcor with a large canvas, and add your favorite super hero words with smaller screens at the top.
you can Find the step-by-step-here at Mod the hodgepodge of rocks

In terms of comic craft, this one is REALLY easy! Add a bit of subtle comic-decorative covers to a room by decoupaging the wall socket.
Learn more on Party-wall

Geek shoes
This project shows that girls can show their love of books, and on their feet.
Find out how to get them on the PS heart

Coat Rack
This cool wardrobe s is perfect for an entrance hall or a boy’room.
Learn more on Wicked Geeks

talking tables
If you want to make a statement, this is the way to do it – to cover a table in the comic books!
you can Learn more about it, I fork lightning

Colorful chest of drawers
you can Transform a boring dresser with a bright color and Mod-smorgasbord.
See how it was made, in Real life, notes

Easy-to-make coasters
Electrical covers from the hardware store, these simple coasters – a great gift to make.
See how they were made here at Mod conglomeration of rocks

- Covered pumpkin
This is perfect for Halloween, but you can make it with any pumpkin.
Find out how they do it in the Ode to Inspiration

cuff bracelet
Comic books you can get fashionable by you in the form of a cuff bracelet with Mod smorgasbord.
Learn how to do it on Something Monumental

flower pot
Decorate a set of clay pots with comic books. Wouldn’t this look great in a variety of sizes?
to See how it was done, the daisies Pluck

unique jewelry
It takes a while, add small pieces of comic books to beads, but the finished project is worth it!
Learn more about the project at Craftster

Comic-book watch From a charger
Easy DIY flower Arrangement gift in a few minutes, Mod conglomeration of rocks
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