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13 Mod smorgasbord table ideas, you'll love

to try If you want the Mod smorgasbord table project, check out this collection of 13 great ideas. You’re all unique – which one will you try?scroll down to the bottom of the post, a video of an IKEA lack makeover with Mod-hodgepodge! Cathie and Steve will show you a simple way to DIY-table – you’re going to love it.

Have you table ever Mod Podged a? Re-doing furniture is pretty much my favorite thing ever, and I don’t make these projects almost as much as I would like.My apartment is small, but soon I’m am going to be moving into a new space, which will allow me to be the makeover as much furniture as I want! To go, I’m at the start with a large Desk-table, and I can wait’t.Mod smorgasbord table ideasinspired, I put together the Mod smorgasbord table projects in this roundup. I’m not sure what I’ll use, but I’ll let you know when I find out what I’m doing.In the meantime, I think you should you to try a Mod smorgasbord table. You’ll need ideas, click through the slideshow below to see my favorites. I think you’ll like it!

How to Re-Do a table with Mod-hodgepodgeglass Top
Karen used vintage graphics to decorate a glass tabletop and added it to an old side table.See how it was Sweet CottageDaring Dahlia Jessica took an IKEA table and added a bold flower pattern on the top with fabric.Learn more about the project at Juicy Bitsfabric table top I revised this fabric-table in this unique upcycle furniture project! Learn how to do it yourself, with Mod-hodgepodge. So easy!See how it hodgepodge of rockBaseball-Themed was made here at Mod, you will Learn to finish how to build your own Mod smorgasbord table from scratch, and then add manly graphics at the top.Learn how to do it here at Mod the hodgepodge of rockModern Moroccan Cathie and Steve used to give color and great style and design, a new look at the top of the IKEA side table.See how you have it done at Cathie FilianSimple Applique Use you Mod smorgasbord and a pillowcase (Yes, a pillowcase!) to decoupage design is a plate on a table. This table tag is really simple!Learn how to do it here at Mod the hodgepodge of rockIKEA Glam Impatiens trim gave her IKEA lack table upgrade with wallpaper, Mod smorgasbord and nailhead.Learn more about the project on the life of a Prettydressing table they revamp can>a dressing table with paint and Wallpaper – use Mod conglomeration!get the instructions on Crafty NestOutdoor table Learn how to decoupage a table with wrapping paper! It is easy to do with Mod smorgasbord of Outdoor and this tutorial. Such a unique project.get the how-to here at Mod the hodgepodge of rockbook pages Karen shows you how easy it is to makeover a coffee table with Mod smorgasbord – and it has to take’t do that for a long time.get to sew, the instructions on Many waysBright Endtable I loved the transformation of this old endtable with bright colors and scrapbook papers.See, I like it here at Mod the hodgepodge of rockmetal-Makeover All of the metal table can be snippets of a surface, you love, with a bit of spray paint and paper.Find out how to you are concerned at Sweet Rose Studiodining room If, that decoupage may not look nice enough for a dining room, read in this post.See how it was Prepared done in the Salonto see one of these ideas? Check out the video below:

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