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10 gifts for the home, you Can sew or Knit

To knit if you love, or to sew, these 10 gifts for the home will be right up your alley. These are easy on the wallet and perfect for anyone!br> As a purveyor of this blog, I’m often behind the scenes, and to share tutorials for the best Mod smorgasbord of projects on the planet.
This means that I don’t “show” I myself very often, but with my last cross country move, a new house, and basically a new life, I’m getting sentimental. Perhaps the coming holidays, it’s yet?
recognize A lot of people don’t that I’m not just a Mod Podger, and I started sewing, my crafty career, when I was 10 years old and to knit when I was 15.
I haven’t been knitting or sewing for a while (I know!) and not that I’m finally back in the homeland, I’m thinking about all kinds of knitting and sewing projects I could do, especially for my new house.
Then I thought, it's time to do was a compilation of ideas! These ideas would also make great gifts for the home. You can sew and knit each of them for almost any recipient – only to personalize, so that you will love it.
My goal for 2018 is to do all of the projects you see here . . . either for me or for others. Let’s hope I can get it done! Are you ready to see the DIY gifts for the home?
PS – For you knitters, there are all kinds of free knitting patterns out there. You can also search on Pinterest and you’ go freepatterns.com but then you;ll find TONS!
And for you sewists, don’t cheap out on the project (not that you would!). Invest in quality cotton or home decor fabrics for everything you do, so that it is for life. Fabric.com is my favorite store for fabric.
10 gifts for the home, you Can sew or Knit.
Hand-daisy-knit-stitch-wash pattern of rags-to Nourish & Nestle
, such As a simple pot, sewing cloth at Radiant Home Studio
Fox tea cosy free knitting pattern for Gina Michelle
cable cozy at home on Live it Love it Do it
Colorful corner of the blanket at Purl Soho
fabric napkin, bread warmer to tried-and-True
How to knit a book cover for Mollie Makes
How to sew a ruffled table cloth to The Celebration
Ombre Knit baskets on top of the Red heart yarn
Denim DIY draught excluder in Pillar Box Blue
Now, as you know, a couple of other Hobbies of me in addition to decoupage, let’s hear yours in the comments! What do you love besides Mod smorgasbord?

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