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10 Unique ways to Use adult coloring pages

Don’t let your adult coloring pages stay in the book – use them to make something great! Here are 10 ideas that you’ll to try, with your finished coloring the leaves. Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom of the page, a video of the bird-wall-decor-project, the I-function in action.skills Required: beginner to intermediate. It really depends on which project you select below. The furniture and t-shirt are for more advanced projects, while the smaller items (jewelry, decoration) are best for beginners. I hope that you’ll decide to fight you all!

adult coloring is all the rage these days, as I’m sure you know! I’ve done tours over at DIY candy showing how you color and what are the best pens for the coloring. I’ve give you over the ultimate guide to free coloring pages. Tinkering with adult coloring pagesAre you wondering what to do with ready-to-adult coloring pages? In this post today, I’m going to show you what to do with their coloring pages as soon as you are done, create it! I’ve already done two projects on this blog with the color of the leaves: a plaque and a decorative tray.I had SO much fun. Yep, you need to have this ready coloring book pages adult book and on a project.don’t want to If you cut your coloring books that for whatever reason, make a color copy, to be able to these projects. I don’t mind cutting me because guess what – that gives me reason to the color of the other!Before I the projects, based I wanted to address a few frequently asked questions and problems, which have asked readers to be with me parts. I hope these help you as you craft with your coloring of the leaves!My colored pencils or markers smear IsI’m so glad you asked! I actually wrote an article about the use of Mod-hodgepodge with markers and crayons (among other things, art, media). Mod-hodgepodge works well on the upper side of the gel, pens, pencils, and various markers. Note that it's Crayola markers, the coloring may be a Problem with children-lubricates. If you have something I do didn’t-test, then your own test on a piece of paper.of Course this only applies if the actual pages against the production of colour copies. If you plan to make color copies of your adult coloring pages, read the section below.figure>
of paper for your coloring sheetIf you choose, and print your coloring sheets, you might be wondering what kind of paper to print them. I recommend a matte paper that is thicker than the normal printer paper – about 32 lb. or above. Normal printer paper is usually 2o lb. or below.In addition, if you print the adult coloring pages, you’ll print them on a laserjet printer, if possible. Inkjet-printed cover pages, if, Mod Podged, although you spray both sides with clear acrylic sealer and then the risk is low.I will say that my HP printer has a very dry ink (the standard HP-ink). If I print something and let it dry for several hours and then the Mod collection, I don’t get any grease, unless I go over them several times. If I didn’t, the HP printer, I’pick up d, you just laserjet copies of my coloring sheets, because it’s easier.to Use The Mod-hodgepodge formulaEach project contains the formula that you should use in the tutorial, when you click on the link. You’ll with a Hard coat for furniture projects, and in gloss, Matt or Satin for decoration pieces, depending on the version you want. You have a certain amount of flexibility when it’s hanging on the wall.Enjoy these 10 projects . . . most of them with decoupage . . . the is works with your coloring in useful hand.the possibilities of the use of adult coloring pages1. Butterfly side table Decoupage a great small side table with your coloring – and Plaid a freebie that you can print out and color even if you go to your post (click on the “For instructions” tab).2. Gift bows lines into curves, your fabulous adult coloring pages in a hand-made bow for packages. What a fun way to jazz up Kraft paper!3. Journal Set This magazine makes the perfect gift and uses Matte Mod smorgasbord to seal. You give your best friend or mom for mother’s day (and don’t forget the pins!).4. Coloring page Keychains I’m in love with this key pendant for DIY sweets that are actually with Shrinky Dinks. And you get the added benefit of three-Dimensional magic to seal!5. Coloring book canvas adult coloring pages are perfect in mixed media. This tutorial shows you how to custom wall decor of your finished coloring!6. Spring type you can Create a whimsical home decor accent, with this spring art at plaid Crafts. When it comes to adult colouring projects, which is one of my favorites!7. Coloring book T-Shirt I LOVE Mod-hodgepodge, photo-Transfer Medium, and also you. Turn your coloring pages into wearable art with this tutorial.8. Painted side table circles and dots look fabulous on this piece of furniture. You can print the free coloring sheets, under the instructions tab, and color to your heart’s content.9. To make tile coasters Any good decoupage crafter loves roller coasters – learn how with your adult coloring book pages and Mod-smorgasbord.10. Mixed-Media bird-plaque I love that they use a variety of materials in this project as a template, paper, embroidery thread, trim, and beads. It's all together for the cutest bird canvas ever comes!!!Now that you’ve seen all of the projects that we found with adults, coloring pages of this book, read in this video, how to get to the bird canvas (project #10). Simply press “PLAY” in the middle of the video!

What is your favorite project, with adult coloring book pages? To listen to I’d love in the comments!

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